Friday, January 20, 2012

Meeting Notes from January 3, 2012



Tot Lot Christmas Party:  Held Dec. 10th at Mobtown Ballroom (old St. Paul’s Church)  We thank Michael and Nina for their generosity. There were over 100 children + parents;.  a clown making balloon art and face painting;. gift bags, a special drawing for bikes was held and hotdogs and hamburgers along with homemade cupcakes.  All the children received hats and gloves.  There were many other toys and books for the taking.

Tree Planting at C.P. Golf Corse: On Wednesday, Dec. 21st at 9:00 a.m. the Department of Environment donated a live Christmas tree that was planted that day.  Joe Burch (District Park Manager), Adrian Diaczk and others (MDE), Edith Nelson and Gloria Pestridge (FoCP)  were among those who took part in the planting. 

New Business:
Treasurer’s Report

Parks & People Grants:  Valerie Shane will schedule site visit for bike racks to be placed near/next to new field house/pavilion.  A letter of intent has been submitted.  Grant is due Jan. 27th.
Discuss cost, how many, etc.  It may be possible to get bike racks for free.  Christina is checking on that.  Instead we decided it might be good to replace the two sections of St. Charles Fence surrounding the playground that were taken out by a car.

 Paul's Place: is currently preparing for their 2012 Spring Health and Wellness event on April 28th.  The team is reaching out to partners to get an idea of how they can best engage the families here in Washington Village/Pigtown….here are proposals-  1.) Have RTB feature 2011 beatification projects in a pre-event walk/run A-Thon -9:30am-10:45am   2.) Solicit Friends of Carroll Park to facilitate a post-event tour of the Walk ability map-2:00pm-3:00pm.  Meeting on January 6, 10:30 am at Paul’s Place.  FoCP will be represented at this meeting.

Rebuilding Together Baltimore:  Amanda Malone…last year RTB did many projects here in Pigtown.  Painting the skatepark, a TotLot mural, a mural at Scott St., planting vacant lots, home improvements and much more.  The building day this year will be Saturday, April 28th.  There was discussion on beautifying the lot at Carroll and Ostend this year.  

Dog Park:  Christina Bradley     There are many people who walk their dogs in the park.  It was suggested that there might be a place to the west of the southern part of the playground area.  This may be a good thing for the neighborhood and the park. There could be doggie bags made available.  More work will be done to determine if and where one could be located. 

Holiday Project:  A suggestion was made to have some lights in the park, maybe on the hill.  There will need to be an electric source.  Hopefully from the new field-house/pavilion.  Also, having kids make  wreaths from pine cones, etc. that are found in the park.   Suggestions are welcome.

Next meeting: February 7th
 See you then!

Summer Concert Pictures

We had a great time this past July with the Friends of Carroll Park concert event!
Gloria, President, headed up the Friends of Carroll Park booth.
Eric Jackson joined us with a booth for Baltimarket.

Smooth Teaze 8 had a great time, and got people moving with their old-school acapella doo wop sound!

Many people took a seat to enjoy friends, shade, and good music.

The DIY "Pigtown Kids" t-shirts were a hit for people of all ages!

A new mural was painted the same day on the west side of the PAL Center.

All-in-all it was a great day, and lots of fun!  Please join us next year :)